We are the exclusive distributor in Ireland and the UK of the highest quality Timber Products originating from the Baltics.
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Wooden windows – stylish and ecological solution for a house of every type

We offer energy class A+ windows

  • Thermal conductivity coefficient U≤0.7W / m2k
  • Glass packet U = 0.5 W / m2k
  • Fittings – Siegenia (Germany) – TITAN AF
  • Four seal gaskets (fourth one for air permeability)
  • Wood: pine, larch (Siberia, Russia), oak (USA), mahogany (S. America)

Wooden Windows – EURO style

Wooden Windows – English style

Aluminum constructions

In 2006 we have started producing aluminum door, windows and facade systems. We work with Belgian “Reynaers” and German “Schȕco” systems.

We can offer:

  • Aluminum windows and doors;
  • Aluminum facades;
  • Conservatories;
  • Glass roofs;

  • Indoor aluminum partitions;
  • Automatic doors;
  • Foldable sliding doors;
  • Sliding constructions;

Responsibly sourced highest quality timber products

Large amounts available

No quantity too large – we cater for businesses of all sizes and needs

Timber made to order

Variously sized bespoke material cut to order as per customer’s need

Responsible foresting

Our timber is sourced responsibly with ecology in mind